Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scalloped Oyster's While I'm Waiting...

So I am at a First Ladies book stand still and have been for months. I am ready to read Eliza Johnson, but the book I wanted cannot be found for less than $55 and more commonly for about $90. That price is a little too much for me, so I tried the library. However, the book is not in any public library in the state of Pennsylvania!

So I bought a biography of Andrew and Eliza Johnson jointly, but after reading one hundred of it's six hundred pages, I discovered it's not really about Eliza at all. She is only mentioned here and there, but there was no in-depth information on her. I gave up on that book.

Next I emailed the author of the book I do want and she replied that she was sorry but had sold her last copy last fall.

So now I am just waiting for my birthday (which is this Saturday) in hopes it will turn up (or at least some birthday money will!)

In the meantime, I was hungry for some First Ladies action, so I turned to Mary Lincoln's section of the First Ladies Cookbook and whipped up her Scalloped Oysters. Molly, my 4 year old, was my assistant cook for this recipe. I thought that was appropriate since Mary Lincoln was often called Molly.

Here's Molly with the can of oysters.

We buttered a shallow pan and layered crushed cracker crumbs on top. Next Molly layered some oysters on top. The recipe called for a dozen fresh oysters, but we opted for canned.

She is not quite sure about the squishy texture!

Next we mixed the oyster liquor, cream, salt, and pepper. The recipe called for sherry, too, which we did not have. Then we poured the mixture over the oysters and crackers in the pan.

We baked it in the 425 oven for 15 minutes until golden. What did it taste like? Oysters baked with crackers. It had a very smushy texture which would have been different if we used fresh oysters. Then it would have been rubbery and smushy, I guess. I can imagine it would have been a treat to eat this at the White House since oysters were not an everyday food. 

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